Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Slingshot Knee Sleeves

Slingshot STrong Knee Sleeves by Mark Bell (sold as a pair) (Black, M)

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These Slingshot Knee Sleeves are another one of my favorite items. I've been using these about a week. I measured my knees at about 16.5", which put me in the Xl range. These are really tight and really feel good while doing squats.

These ran $80 at the time of purchase and they seem like they will last a long, long time. They are really rugged. I wouldn't mind getting a second, XXL pair for when I'm going a little lighter and higher reps on my squats. I turn these inside out, put the bottom on my calf where I want them to end up, essentially, and then flip them over my knee. That seems to be the best way to get them on. I don't know if there's actually a slingshot effect at the bottom, but my these do a great job keeping my knees warm and feeling good, which was my main concern. To date, these are the best knee sleeves I've owned.


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