Monday, November 13, 2017

Vera Gripps Review

I've been using these Versa Gripps since I tweaked my forearm a couple of weeks ago while golfing, of all things. I've been able to keep deadlifting while using these to protect my forearm. I always use the double overhand grip (I've even recently learned to hook grip) to protect my biceps during a deadlift. These have been invaluable the last couple of weeks, though. These have enabled me to hit all my usual back exercises as well. Definitely check out their sizing chart if you want these - they need to be on tight to work. They are really comfortable and haven't felt like they're going to rip my forearms off. The one thing I do need to figure out is how to clean them. I don't like the traditional straps nearly as much as these, and they appear to be very rugged and will hold up forever. Now that I'm all healed up, I'm going to continue to use these and my higher rep sets for deadlift and use the hook grip for my maxes. Big fan of these.

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